How do I send you the personal details required for each book?
You will receive a confirmation email usually within 24 hours of receipt of your order. The personal details required to personalise your book/s will be requested by email. Please respond as soon as possible.

How long will it take to receive my book?
I try to get all orders completed within 2-3 days of order and payment, and 7 days at the most. Parcels are posted from Canberra and usually take 2-3 days for delivery to east coast states. You can select express post at checkout for faster delivery by Australia Post.

Do I need to include the child's surname in my personalised book?
YES, a surname is required to complete the book. You can use a middle name in its place, or you can use something like "the Fairy Princess" or "the Great" as a surname instead. The child's full name is used only at the beginning of the book, and just the first name used throughout the story.

How many friends or relatives can I include in the story? Is it OK if I include just one friend?
One friend or relative is fine, although the stories can sometimes read a bit better with more than one. You can include anyone you like as friends. You, the gift giver, could make the perfect friend, Mum and Dad make great friends, or pets are often included too. If you have a large number of friends you would like to include, that's OK too. There are up to 55 characters available for friends in the story (including punctuation and spaces).

How are the friend's names used in the book?
The friends or relatives names are included as part of the story. For example: "We can make a nice, big pie for Aunty Karen, Nanna and Poppy," said Amanda smiling.

For what ages are the personalised story books suitable?
These books are suitable for all ages. The books provide engaging stories with bright, colourful pictures for non-readers, first readers and proficient readers, as well as being perfect keepsakes for all ages. The giant sized books provide a longer and more involved story which can suit many older readers. Any child who would love to be the star of their own story will enjoy these books. Personalised books are not just for kids! I have had orders for milestone birthdays including 18th, 21st, 50th and even an 80th birthday, office farewells and teacher's gifts! Any child (or child-at-heart!) who would love to be the star of their own story will enjoy these books, and adults will always get a laugh when they read their own special story book too.

What can I include in my personal message in the personalised books?
You might like to say "Merry Christmas 2011", "Happy 6th Birthday!" or "Get well soon". It's up to you! The dedication in the front of the book has three lines of 35 characters (including punctuation and spaces). The middle line must be the giver's name to match a line in the back of the book "A special gift from...". Your message will be phrased as best as possible within these parameters. 

Can you tell me more about the books?
There are 24 full colour pages in the deluxe sized 23 x 15 cm books. The story is on 10 pages, there are 11 pictures including a double picture in the centre of the book, a title page and an end page. Your child's name appears on every text page in the book, and more than 20 times throughout the story. Your child's friends names appear at least twice during the story. The book has a durable, washable hard cover.

Can you print the personalised story books in other languages?
Sorry, no. My license for these personalised books is only for the English versions.

Why don't you offer international postage?
Due to licensing restrictions, I can only post to addresses within Australia.

Can I pick up my order from you?
I am located in Canberra, ACT. In most cases local pickup can be arranged. If you would like to pick up your order please contact me to make arrangements.