Giant Licensed Story Books

Giant Licensed Story Books also feature well known characters including some of your favourite super heroes!

Titles available:

Justice League - The Justice League needs your help to stop the villainous Gorilla Grodd, who's been monkeying around with the animals at a theme park.
™&© D C Comics

Marvel Heroes - Doctor Doom and Magneto have teamed up to conquer Manhattan! Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and Thing need your help to stop their evil scheme.
™&© Marvel Characters

Spider-Man - Dr. Octopus is on a rampage and it seems that no-one can stop him. It's up to your child to help Spider-Man defeat this dangerous villain and save the day.
™&© Marvel Characters

Barbie & the Happy Times Playground - Help Barbie and her friends to build the Happy Times Playground. Have fun at the sand castle contest and at the dance at the Town Hall with Barbie.
™&© Mattel